Even in 2012, More Americans Own TVs Than Cellphones


This infographic shows exactly what the title says, that in this mobile digital age, more Americans own TVs than cellphones. But it does go into more detail than that. It includes any normal extra for a TV, such as DVR and a DVD player. It also compares the number of mobile web owners and computer owners with cell phone users.
A great discussion with your students would involve brainstorming why there are more TV than cellphone owners. It could include the price, how long the items have been available, and ease of use. Those who are older, who were middle age when TVs came out, and are not comfortable learning another technology may opt against the TV. Also, it does not cost to use a TV once it is purchased, it can just be used with a DVD player. But a cellphone cannot be used without paying for it.
Ask your students what they experience. Do an anonymous survey of who owns what. Ask if they have their own TV and cellphone. Also ask if they have regular access to one, and finally if someone in their primary household owns one. The students can create their own infographics based on this information.

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