Where people are looking for homes


We are in a recession, as the news puts it. We are also coming out of the recession. While our countries history has had a recession before, our country has not had the ability see the facts country wide until now. Before modern technology, in order to find out financial information of specific families, snail mail had to be used, and counted by hand. Now the information is stored in a database on a variety of computers. This means the information is much easier accessible. Using this information we can easily watch trends in finances, in this instance the sale of homes and where the homes are being purchased.
This infographic uses information found on Trulia, a single real estate website. Ask your students what this may mean about the information. Try to find the same information, but for all sales, not just those that used Trulia. But it does give an idea of house sales and the locations that are most desired.
Give pairs or groups of students a specific city to research using this infographic. Give some students cities that are doing well, and some students cities that are not doing as well. Ask students to figure out various reasons why cities are doing as well as they are. Make sure they include geography, entertainment, and jobs, and anything else that may be pertinent.

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