Revealing where Photos are Taken in the World


This infographic is a great way of going over recent current events from last year. Current events stay current for about five minutes before they change or something new happens. But, looking back, something that didn’t seem very important at the time, can be realized to be incredibly important.
One way to look back at world events is by looking at what people were taking photos of at the time. People take photos of anything, a party, a friend trying on funny hats, or something they want to remember. This infographic, which is actually a short movie, lights up for each picture taken anywhere in the world with a date. It was interesting to watch certain areas light up suddenly.
Show this to your students, and highlight certain days where an area lit up. Challenge your students to find photos from this event and find out what is going on. Also, ask your students what they think the photographers were think at the time. For instance, did they think that this was a major world event or just something cool. Could the people have been on the outskirts of the event, unaware of what was really going on. Also, challenge your students to take photos regularly, and make a not as to why they took the photo.

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