138 Years of Popular Science Magazine in a Single Infographic

Today’s infographic studies the 150 year old magazine, Popular Science. In 2011 a man was asked to create this infographic that shows the progression of science using key words and topics from the magazine. His blog shows his process for creating the infographic, and then he has images of the infographic on a flickr account.

The infographic uses a molecular looking line, lining up each year sequentially. He then connects the years to topics written about, thus connecting multiple years. It shows the progression of science, and what was deemed most important in science during a specific time period.

Challenge your students to imagine what science was like 150 years ago. What life would be like with only the advancements discovered at certain times in history. Create activities that track the progression of science. For instance, what would life be like today without the discovery of the technology used for the radio and television. What were other things that were being researched that were comparable. While this example may not be in Popular Science, here it is. When the VCR was created, there was another, better machine that was similar. Please comment if you know the specifics. But thanks to better advertising, the VCR became more popular and the better machine went extinct. What if the other machine had won out?


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