Politilines shows what candidates talk about during debates

Think about your day, and think about the conversations you had? What did you talk about the most? Your weekend plans, politics, a sports game? What you talk most about often shows your priorities. This infographic shows what presidential candidates talk most about during debates.

Politicians are trained to be able to cover the housing market, the energy crisis, and homeland security in a single question about their views on immigration. They can twist answers to address whatever they want, and what they twist their answers to depends on their greatest interests.

Everyone has different priorities in political, national and international problems. One person may think doing something about immigration with solve many problems, while others think we must first solve the problem involving the energy crisis. This is a great tool to show students various politicians priorities. Students that are of age can use this to vote. Otherwise it can be used to discover correlations between two differing priorities.

Your students will one day soon run this country and it is important that they understand these correlations so that they can solve the problems we have created.



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