Views on the News


Google defines “news” as new information or events or a broadcast, a very generic definition. At one time in history there was only one resource to get the news. If your town was large enough you had a local newspaper (although much of the information just printed was weeks old). You may also get news from those you spoke to or through letters. But as time progressed, technology developed and it was increasingly possible to send information faster. Once the telephone was invented and became widely used, the most important events could be passed from NYC to a small town with a newspaper just after it happened. But, because someone had to orally relay the information and write it down, not everything made it over the distance.
With modern technology, news companies have exploded. We now have a wide variety of options to turn to for the news. There are dozens of national, and even more local companies who provide us with the news. And even if someone decides to save money and stop their subscription to the paper, they can still watch tv at any time, or pull up various websites.
But, everyone has an opinion, and these opinions help with the continuation of political parties. But this does affect the news. Everyone involved in producing the news, from research to writing to broadcast, has an opinion and no matter how hard they try, their opinion will peak in just by wording. Because of this, it is difficult to get all of the news from a single source.
This infographic, found on, shows those supporting several political parties how they view the news. It shows who they generally go through, their opinion on the news, and if they think this is the best way to find the news.
One other issue to possibly discuss with your students would involve the best way to learn about events. At one time, the typical job of an adolescent boy was a paper delivery boy, because nearly everyone got a newspaper. While many people still do, more people get up to date news via the internet. And now, one can even use social networking sites, such as Twitter, to nearly experience the news. But Twitter is decreasing the need for news companies, because as one person experiences an event, they can send a Tweet and those who are following with know about it instantly. How do your students think the news can be saved, or if it should be.

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