A Free Visual Thesaurus of the English Language


A thesaurus is a boring, but vital tutorial when writing anything. But who wants to pick up a thick book, or even go to a website and read a list of words whose only connection is the original word. Aside from being a synonym, they are just a random list of words that are often difficult to read through. Well there is another option that organizes the words in a way that is easier to understand.
Visual Thesaurus is a subscription website that organizes words in a web. There is a base word that you search for. Then multiple lines go from there, synonyms for the word. But what makes this great is that the words are organized based on meaning. In the instance in the photo, the word is love. It has one branch for the emotion love, and one for physical love.
One drawback of this program is that it is subscription. For this reason, I was unable to get a different photo to represent it. I apologize for some of the words in the photo, but being educators I’m sure we are all mature enough to overlook what may offend.

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