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Reading a long, professional document can at times be difficult, even for those who do it daily, but especially for those who don’t want to in the first place. Making connections to and within a document that does not seem to have anything to do with oneself can be very difficult. This interactive tool turned infographic can be very helpful in organizing a document in a way that will be helpful to anyone reading the document.

It has four parts: the document with four to five highlighted words of importance, a web of those words showing their connection to other, lesser important vocabulary, a time lapse bar graph showing the frequency of each of the four to five primary words within the document, and a small form of the document with colored dots pertaining to each word representing the location and thus frequency of each word within the document.

This Text Visualization Tool has several books and documents already plugged in, but the graphs can be easily duplicated using a computer, and/or pencil and paper. The web will be especially helpful. For instance, while one is ready a book, one may not remember a brief interaction between a primary character and a secondary character in the beginning of the book that is important later in the book. Creating such a web while reading can help students remember such seemingly unimportant interactions, and see the big picture of the book as they read on.

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