Top 10 Mark Twain #Quotes *INFOGRAPHIC*

Introducing a classic book can be tough. They are considered out of date, not relevant to todays world. They are boring and hard to understand. They are written in the language of the time, rather than today’s language, and so may as well have been written in Greek. But once a student realizes that a book can be adapted to today’s era (even if it doesn’t mention texting a bff), it will be much easier to introduce.

This infographic, featured on Domestic Executive Online’s blog, is a great way to introduce Mark Twain and read his humor and relevance before cracking the spine of a dusty book. Many students would look at the book like you are crazy if you think they’ll actually read the story. They are just going to spend time trying to find the cliffnotes version and the movie rather than just spending a few minutes each day reading. But by using this, maybe there will be fewer students unsuccessfully trying to skirt the system.

This would be a great infographic to blow up and post. Except leave out the parts about Mark Twain. Have the students read the quotes, and ask them if they know who wrote them. They are required to guess (no googling it!). I wonder who they will guess. Get them pumped about reading some of this person’s work, describe it with excitement. Then reveal to them who it is. Hopefully the good moods will last and students will remain excited as they read the book.



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