World population densities mapped


This inforgraphic is a map that shows information about the population of the world. It shows the average income of the largest population around the world. You can then flip through other infographics that shows health, education and products owned per 100 or 1,000 number of people in a certain income bracket.
The first thing I noticed was the categories of income. The highest income bracket is around minimum wage in the United States. It would be interesting to compare this to the cost of living in these areas.
This would be great to use in a Social Studies class for data. It would be interesting to gather other data, such as imports and exports, to compare to this map. One of the other infographics shows the literacy rate in various income brackets. In English class students can gather data on the literacy rate based on region and compare this to the map. They may realize how lucky they are to be literate.
Interactive Infographic:

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David Warlick



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