Facebook is Asia's 4th Largest Nation

I usually steer clear of all of the infographics about social media. But this one struck me as important. We know about the flattening world, globalization, the century of China, etc. But to come even close to understanding it, you have to be there. Standing in Shanghai, seeing that sea of skyscrapers, and know that there are a thousand more on the drawing boards, well data and infographics simply can’t tell the story.

But here’s a try, from Thomas Crampton’s blog…

What are the implications? See anything big and gray here. What does that mean?

Blog Post:

Graphic 1:

Graphic 2:

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    Thanks very much for making an exception for my social media infographic! As you say, the rise of Facebook in Asia does have big implications beyond Facebook and beyond social media.

    My goal: Create another infographic on social media that merits your attention!

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