Tabla periódica sobre datos de Internet en el mundo #infografia #infographic #internet


The periodic table of elements is an example I use when talking about “There’s nothing new about infographics.” So it is a theme that rises again and again for expressing a specific structure of data. Here is one such treating by Appfrica Labs, “a consultancy focusing on software development, data visualization, design and global innovation.”

I learned about this through one of the most prolific blogs about information visualization, TICs y Formación and it paints a fairly clear picture of the state of the Internet around the world.  Among the ancilary information to the far right are

  • A graphic for reading the table
  • World rankings (top 10 in percent of population, etc.)
  • Growth of global internet penetration
  • Percent of world pop that’s online
  • Portion of users by continent/region

Again, this is another infographic to ask students, why?  Why do you think China has the most users? Why is India among the fastest grown? Why do Japan and Korea serve the highest bandwidth?  Why does the U.S. appear in only one of these top 10 listings?



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