Google Map Maker edits in real-time

Graphic of Map Making Survallence Tool

Watching the Map Makers

Google Map Maker is one those ideas that probably came out of the innovative company’s 80-20 work policies.  This one empowers people to create their own maps over Google Maps, and then share them.  The reason that I am including the too here is the inclusion of Pulse View.  Click in and watch people from New Delhi, Bangledesh, Central Cuba, and Moraco, make their maps — in real time.  From the Flowing Data blog post,

Google Map Maker is a simple tool that lets you draw your own map and share that map with others. The Pulse view lets you see how people are making use of that tool in real-time. On top is the Google Earth view. On the bottom is a zoomed in view of the actual edit. Just press play, and see how people around the world are using Map Maker.
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