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Personal data collecting, or self-surveillance, is one of those concepts that is quite cool to some and a bit weird and self absorbed behavior to other, but, as Flowing Data says,
..with the Nike+, which lets you record your runs, thousands have taken part in measuring their performance and digitally racing with others. For the most recent Nike+ campaign, interactive collectiveYesYesNo mapped a year’s worth of runs from the Nike+ site and invited people to plug in their own runs.
You can see the maps at the Nike store in New York City, or here through various videos that were made by YesYesNo and being displayed by the shoe company.
This is just another example of how our behaviors can so easily be turned into data and then played back to us in interesting and sometimes useful ways.  Seems a bit of an invasion of privacy, but did stone age people know any less about each other’s behaviors?

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