Solving the STEM Dilemma

This topic always gets under my skin a bit. We seem to believe that science, technology, engineering and mathematics are the exclusive avenues to economic prosperity. We should also realize that the art of communication plays just as much of a role in economic success as does STEM – art, music, and all other forms of creative expression.

With that off my chest…

Science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM) is a national priority to insure American competitiveness in the 21st century. Critical to preparing this STEM workforce of the future is having excellent STEM teachers that can set our nation’s children up for success. This infographic shows how recruiting and maintaining a steady supply of classroom STEM teachers creates a long term pattern of STEM competitiveness. Teachers can play a pivotal role in increasing the number of students who are interested and proficient in science and mathematics.

The blog post also include some of the responses they received when they asked their Twitter network to share ideas of how teachers might inspire more interest in STEM subjects.

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