Why Census matters to you


This infographic is helpful in a number of ways. It can be helpful in math and social studies. In social studies it can be used in World Civilizations and Civics. It is an infographic on the importance of the census. But it was created by the Australian government and is based on their census.
Because Australia uses the metric system, measurements are made meters and grams. In the infographic there are measurements to create a cake for everyone who has your birthday in Australia. In a math class, these numbers can be estimated using cups, and then converted using mathematical equations.
This infographic can really be used in Social Studies. When studying the census, it can be viewed and discussed. Despite the fact that it was created in Australia, the principles are the same. As a class, the students can research the same information for where they live and compare it to Australia. There is a part in the infographic where you enter your Australian postal code. You can assign each student one in a different area for the students to compare. In this way, the students are also learning about a different culture.
Interactive Infographic:

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