If the world lived in a single city


“World population is estimated to be 6.9 billion people, and while that is a lot of people, it suddenly doesn’t seem like that much in these maps by Tim De Chant of Per Square Mile. Simply imagine that the world lived with the same den si ty of a real city, and see how much area they take up. If we all lived like they do in San Francisco (space-wise), we’d take up just under 398k square miles, or rather, only four states. Same density as New York? We’d all fit in Texas.”



This is what is written on the website below the infographic. This is a very interesting concept. How many people per square foot would this be? It would be interesting to space the students and show them how much living space they would have. They could be challenged to organize all of their personal items into an area this large using graph paper.
The students could also organize a government for such a living situation. They would need to remember respect for personal space, sanitation, designating living space and retail space. They would need to justify their laws based on true experiences they have witnessed or learned of.

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