Global Flow of Tweets

Please pardon my taking last week off from blogging here.  I was attending and working the International Society for Technology in Education conference in Philadelphia.  I suppose many of the readers of this blog were also attending that conference.  In fact several people thanked me for IGAD, which was quite gratifying.

In this post, we’re looking at information and how it flows around the world today — compared to the trickle of only a few years ago.  In this Twitter blog post, data describing the flow of tweets, retweets, and @replies after the earthquake in Japan.  From the June 29 Abdur blog post…

During major events, people use Twitter to share news and thoughts with friends, family and followers around the world. Messages originating in one place are quickly spread across the globe through Retweets, @replies and Direct Messages. We see this behavior during everything from sporting events like the World Cup to widely-televised news events like the royal wedding, and also in the face of major disasters like the March 11 earthquake in Japan, where the volume of Tweets sent per second spiked to more than 5,000 TPS five separate times after the quake and ensuing tsunami. The videos below illustrate what this global flow of information looks like.

Original Blog Post:

Video of Visualization: #1, #2

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