How Good Is The U.S. At Innovating?

This is an intriguing interactive infographic that compares innovation factors on top countries from four perspectives:

  • Countries ranked on innovation drivers
  • Business executives rank their countries on innovation drivers
  • Countries ranked on innovation outcomes
  • Business executives rank their own countries on innovation outcomes

From the blog entry I found this through…

Today, leaders from the G12 countries — the 12 largest economies in the world — are descending on Brazil, to dither and whine and bicker stroke their chins about the world’s economy. But it’s safe to say that the number one concern for all those economic ministers and treasury secretaries is innovation. Which is a wooly, often vague concept. How do you get your arms around it? Well, GE has taken a stab, with their newly released Innovation Barometer.

Click the country and it’s rankings along the criteria are identified. You can click on the country name to have its rankings highlighted for comparison with other countries.

Might be interesting to ask students to discuss how the different criteria might influence innovation in a country.

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