Genetically Wired

Depending on the age of your students, most of them are beginning to experiment with one major drug. Caffeine. This infographic goes through the aspects of coffee and caffeine, including cities that indulge in it, countries that indulge in it, and various other facts about it. But it does so in an interesting way.

There are so many infographics available for people to view, in order to make yours stand out, it has to look interesting. From using a stirring stick in a cup of coffee to using the lid of a coffee cup as a pie chart, this infographic does a great job of incorporating coffee into it’s sharing of information.

What do your students enjoy? What games are popular, or food, or anything else they find interesting? How can they create an infographic using information about their choice, and incorporate pictures of the item into the infographic. It takes practice to figure out what makes a visually appealing infographic, but it is a prized skill today, and probably for many tomorrows.


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