History of Activisim

Nearly every major figure in our history acted for what they thought was the common good. From our own George Washington, to Germany’s Adolf Hitler, they all had this in common. In addition, they all sparked some sort of change. Martin Luther helped spark religious reform. Martin Luther King Jr. helped spark social equality.

Each of the people and events listed in this video helped bring together the world we now live in. How did each of these do this? Make a viewable timeline of each of the events and people listed in this video, and have students research how each of them affected time then, and time now. Choose a few to hypothesis what may have happened at these events not occurred, what other events did they spark, were there other players that could have continued the movement?

What other events did this video leave out? I don’t remember seeing a reference to the events of September 11, 2001. What about the illegalization of drugs? Can your students think of other aspects of their lives and trace them back a specific event, or a series of events?


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