The Solar System: Our Home in Space

Narrated by a gentleman who sounds much like Robin Leach, former host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, this short video is the subject of our IGaD today. In fact, our solar system is home of many rich and famous individuals, just as it is home to those of us who are less rich and famous. What a great commonality between us and those we look up to.

Aside from this interesting fact that I shared, this infographic does cover more important facts about other planets, moons, and other masses that orbit the Sun with us. It compares various planets in such a way that puts things into perspective. It compares other planets to Earth, including mass and asteroids. And it finally ends on a pleasant note, sharing the demise of Earth in many, many years.

Begin, or end, your study of the Solar System with this short video, to give students a short overview of what can be expected. And don’t forget to read this post in the voice of the narrator, the way in which I wrote it.


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