Birth & Death Rate World Map

This is a rather morbid, but important infographic for two reasons. One, it is important to realize the birth and death rates around the world. What causes an increased birth or death rate in one part of the country? How does our country compare? Why is our country different from another area? Secondly, it is a great way to show data across the world. I was studying an atlas on the wall in my GRE class, and was amazed by how small the US is. Living in the US, it is even easier to think we have a major impact on the rest of the world, and thus are larger than life. However, we are still just a land mass, and not the largest by far. But this method also shows how little or how large our impact is compared to the rest of the world.

Most people have an idea of what the world looks like in their heads, even if they don’t know where each country is, they know which areas are suffering and which areas are comparatively doing well. They can look at a map and point to Africa or Asia and say that much of this area is very poor, and point to North America or Western Europe and say much of this area is comparatively wealthy. However, what is the impact of this wealth, or lack there of? One can assume it is positive, but not always. I wonder what a similar infographic would look like that shows pollution, or obesity. Would we then fare so well?

Challenge your students to create an infographic about what interests them in this way. How many clothes come out of each country? How many cars are owned per capita in each country? This will really show how well each country lives or how poorly each country lives.


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