Stephen King Flow Chart

While you may not be introducing Stephen King into your classroom, this is a great example of how to create a flow chart while reading books by the same author, or by similar authors. It is important to make connections as you read in order to help you remember and comprehend what is read, and this is a great way to promote this in the classroom.

Create a bulletin board or a wall just for this, and use yarn to make various connections. Introduce some fiction with connections, such as Shakespeare’s plays or the Harry Potter series. Have different students read each play or book, and then report on it to the class. As classmates read the different books, have them discuss the connections that are made, and show them on the board. This may even encourage your students to read the rest of the literature in their spare time.

You can make connections based on characters (for instance, I am currently actively reading Jane Austen, and certain characters are present in many of her novels), based on locations, or based on events that occurred or themes. Try to create a bio about the author, or write a story that the author may have written based on what is known about him or her.


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