How to Rock Social Media in Thirty Minutes a Day

Social Media can be daunting and addicting. Someone can spend hours following Twitter feeds, catching up with friends on Facebook, and planning projects on Pinterest. However, this infographic by Pardot shows how you can efficiently get all of the above done, and still produce work that others will want to follow.

Some of the tips included publishing using one site, and having it set up to publish to other sites. For instance, if you publish a tweet, it will also post to Facebook. You can also schedule tweets to publish later in the day. So if you have a brilliant thought at 2 am, you can set it to publish at 2pm, or during another peak time. Also, use google plus to see how people are reaching your site. If they are using google search, pinterest, or another site that has linked something to your.

The key to social media, just like another other action, is consolidating time. Do as much as you can in as small amount of time as possible. And have fun with it!


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