What Makes a Travel Writer

In a world of entrepreneurs and bloggers, travel writing may be something for your students to think about as a future career. First of all, stress to your students the importance of being able to write maturely. While abbreviations are ok between friends, in order to gain respect anywhere, one must learn proper spelling and grammar. Aside from that, an urge to learn about cultures other than your own and an ability to adapt, because they don’t serve Kraft Mac and Cheese in India.

This infographic, produced by HotelClub, goes on to show what blogging platforms, social media sites, and other technology, such as phones and cameras, are most common among travel writers. It can be an expensive, and lonely, occupation, so one must also have money saved up, the proper equipment, and an ability to make friends anywhere.

Take your students on a trip to another country, via the internet. Have them research a part of the country, as though they are staying there, creating a budget and a plan. Have them write about their trip to a foreign country, and even try to connect with another group of students, or someone who lives over there to be fully immersed in the culture. Also, if food allergies are not a problem, have students bring in food and then present where they went to the class.



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