Water Changes Everything

This infographic is a video about spreading information on the poor conditions, specifically regarding water, that some people live in. People, especially in 3rd world countries in the Southern Hemisphere, suffer from bad water.

This infographic does a great job of showing how poor conditions regarding water can affect people. It shows the places most affected by it, and what these people have to go through in order to get bad water. Children just like your students spend hours walking to get water, hours that could be spent in school, and having fun. But these children have other things to do as well, gather food, and help bring in an income for their families.

This infographic does a great job of sharing why this is a major problem in the world. Challenge your students to research ways to solve the problem, and defend what they think is the best way. Possibly have each student choose a way, and then get in groups to make a presentation on why this is the best way. Also, challenge them to figure out ways to get the word out and raise money to help them problem.

Because this was a video, I couldn’t attach an image of it. But also on the blog was a photo of a map from 1854 of a small neighborhood in London. This map shows how Cholera was spread throughout the neighborhood just from a single water source.

Another problem that this infographic doesn’t refer to is that it isn’t just in 3rd world countries, but it also happens here in America. It has been years, but I saw a video in which families here in America have to travel far just to get drinking water, and just like those in this video, it is tainted water.


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