US Elections- 100 years

In recent years, elections have been extremely close, the final results often not being known for days, and even weeks after the election. Recounts have been common, and debates over the true winner have lasted for months. This infographic takes an unbiased look at elections passed and shares the outcome of them.

This infographic takes every election since 1908, and shows how each state voted. It also uses pie charts to compare the electoral votes and the popular vote. The infographic goes a step farther and summarizes the issues in each election. This is a great summary of every election in this century, and would be a great resource for years to come.

Use this infographic to discuss with your students the history of the country and how this has affected elections. For instance, what does each political party stand for, and how people may have thought the candidate would help what was going on. Also, talk about what each president did, how happy people were with them, and how this lead to reelection or not.


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