Back-to-School: Then and Now

Here is another infographic to make students think, and hopefully be grateful for what they have. This infographic compares students (specifically college, but many things are applicable to grade school students) between different time eras, and even makes some projections. It talks mostly about access to and use of technology, but it also makes some references to other areas.

This would be a great first day discussion about the use of laptops and tablets in the classroom versus the traditional pen and paper and textbook. Ask students what they prefer and why, mentioning that there are applications available that will allow the teacher to peak in on what they are doing, so no doing anything off topic. Share with students the benefits of each. Discuss the reasons why these have been brought into the classroom.

At this point, hopefully introduce a classroom set of some sort of technology. Unfortunately this is not always possible, but at least tie in the available technology in the classroom and the school. Most classroom have at least a few desk top computers for student use. Go over the rules for their use and other important information, including safety.


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