The Shark Survival Guide

This is the 25th year Animal Planet has hosted Shark Week, a week devoted to sharks. And to commemorate this, has created an infographic all about surviving  the dreaded shark attack. Being a North Carolina native, shark attacks are more common that I am comfortable with. Many Americans come to the coast of the Carolina for our wonderful beaches, and unfortunately, many sharks have also discovered what our beaches have to offer.

I have often heard that when attacked by an animal, you increase your risk of survival by both playing dead, and fighting back. This seems to be true for sharks. If you find yourself near a shark, it is best to stay still in their blind spots. They have wide set eyes that allow them to see nearly 360 degrees, but this infographic shares an image of where their blind spots lie. It also shares that sharks are affected by magnets. Unfortunately, one must get close to the shark in order for them to be thrown off.

Share this with your students just before Labor Day weekend, especially if many of your students plan on going to the beach. Also, challenge your students to research other fearsome animals and create infographics on how to survive those attacks. Any wild animal can be dangerous, and the further one steps into their territory, the higher the chances of an attack. It is never a bad idea to share survival guides.


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