100 Years of Automotive Evolution

This infographic compares two vehicles, one made over 100 years ago, and one being made this year. It shares basic information about each, to show how far we have come. It shares that we now have safety features, entertainment features, and features beyond having to walk everywhere.

This infographic, found on, does a great job of explaining simple information in a visually stimulating, and organized way. It uses a road to separate subjects, and gives headers for every section. It would be a great example to show your students how to make a simple infographic.

It would also be a great introduction into technology involving engines. How was the first engine created? What advances had to occur in order for it to be successful? Who else was working on an engine for a car, and what were their ideas? Dozens of people were working on this technology, trying to be the first and the best. It wasn’t just a single person who had an accident in a lab and invented the vehicle. Continue to track other innovations that led to today’s engine, and engines of the future. This will allow students to create a more simple knowledge base to build on.


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