Bring the Heat

Today’s infographic, from, discusses the possibility that climate could be used to determine carbon dioxide emissions. This infographic is rather complicated, but explores a great idea. In theory, if your home is in an extreme climate, more carbon dioxide producing elements will be used in order for us to remain comfortable. And, in more neutral climates, where the climate remains comfortable for longer, fewer of these elements are used. So how does this affect a specific countries carbon dioxide use.

This infographic ranks countries by emission by their population, GDP, and researchers at the University of Michigan decided to add in climate. These researchers had the brilliant realization that a countries carbon dioxide emissions also had to do with climate. If one’s climate didn’t warrant a constantly running AC unit, then they would probably produce fewer emissions, despite a high population with a lot of money. So when trying to solve the problem of carbon dioxide and other poisons in the air, the cause of these toxins needs to be further researched.

Explore with your students what caused the rankings of these countries. What is their population, GDP, and climate. What research can be done to help these countries with their problem. Should we be concentrating more on warming up, or cooling down? For thousands of years, people have dealt with extreme heat and cold, and have lived around it. It is fairly recent for people to expect to be kept at a comfortable temperature. What methods did people use before electricity to remain comfortable, or at least alive?


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