Civic Participation and Household Incomes

Today’s Infographic is a great example of a simple, straightforward layout, with a great deal of information. It explores the correlation, or lack there of, of civic participation and household incomes. It was discovered that various members of society participate in various types of community groups despite their income. It would be something to explore further.

This infographic starts with a short summary of the infographic, and continues with a color coded image of each type of activity, as well as a fact about it. It continues to show the amount of participation by state and of various major metropolitan areas.

While this data doesn’t show any conclusions, maybe your class can further investigate. Try to see if students can figure out what draws certain people to certain activities. For instance, why do people volunteer, and why do people attend church? Maybe choose a specific area, such as volunteer work, and try to see the motivation behind people who do, and people who don’t, and maybe see if you can get people in your community to volunteer to help improve their community.


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