When Dogs go Beyond Pets

About 50 years ago, a dog was named spot or fido, slept outside in a dog house, ate scraps, and ran around a fenced in backyard. Now they have names like Zoe (my dogs name), live inside, go on errands with us, eat special diets, and go to daycare. How did this change?

Dogs do a lot more than just keep us company. According to this infographic, found on, owning a dog lowers blood pressure and increases happiness. They also increase the likelihood that a child will participate in sports. They even have jobs. They assist people with disabilities, they become a good set of ears to a child struggling to read, and they even save lives. Dogs have become a very important part of our daily lives.

How have your students lives been affected by a pet? How many of your students live in a home with a pet? What are their favorite activities with their pets? Have the pets helped them to become more active? How are the pets like a sibling? Do their parents dress their pet up, give them gifts, or have them on special medicines? Have a fun conversation about dogs and share some stories about the important part dogs have played in rescuing people, finding bombs, and giving someone a normal life.


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