Where are the Best (and Worst) Industrialized Countries to be a Child

I am American, born and raised, and proud of it. But aside from two weeks spent in Germany, I also know nothing else. I believe that I had a very good childhood, not perfect, but no one’s is. And I have always thought (thanks to movies) that America is the quintessential place to grow up. According to this infographic, I am wrong, America is ranked 20, out of 21.

Using six dimensions of well being, UNICEF (which does know the bigger picture of the average childhood) graded 21 countries. The dimensions included education, health, peer and relationships, among others. Using this information, would you students agree with UNICEF?

Look up the information UNICEF gathered, and form other opinions. Possibly, compare the findings to what a quintessential childhood would look like, say out of an episode of Leave it to Beaver. If more childhoods were like this, would the US be ranked higher. Also, how have these statistics changed since the 50s? Literacy and healthcare has gone up, but so has childhood obesity and other childhood health problems. And how have they gotten better in the other countries ranked?


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