The generation that doesn’t Power Down

Walking around, anywhere, a person will see dozens of mobile devices used by a variety of people in a variety of ways. Nearly everyone has a cell phone, at least for emergencies, and uses it for more than just emergencies. Most people use it as their primary phone line, and the majority of those use it to communicate using verbal and written language, visual messages, and just to play games and pass time. They are used to read books, to make financial transactions, and to run entire businesses. Twenty years ago those in grade school spent most of their time physically face to face with their peers. Now, they are spending a great deal of time face to face miles apart, talking, gaming, and bullying.

With all the technology available there truly is no “need” to “power down.” One can use a cell phone for everything necessary to live, without leaving ones home. This cuts down on energy and time spent, increasing health problems and decreasing patience. A five minute walk was once considered close to be able to walk to a neighbors. Now the few rings it takes for someone to pick up a phone is too much for some people to bare.

Discuss with your students how much they use their technological devices. What other options do they have that may be healthier and more social? What would your students have to do differently without their devices? How much more would they have to learn? With these devices in ones pocket at all times, people can look up a piece of trivia in a moment, rather than having to learn it. Ask your students to mark down every time they use a device, what they use it for, and if it helps or hurts them?


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