Journey of a BioCup

Today’s infographic is rather elaborate, but very interesting. Sanitation and recycling is something that is a rather new concept. At one point in history, clothes were worn until they fell apart. Now they are worn for a few months. At another point, plates were a hot commodity and passed down for generations. Now they are often used once and thrown away. Not so long ago, trash was thrown out of windows and sometimes picked up. Now it is off our street corners, but it ends up in large landfills where it will remain for years. Because of our evolution in using things up, it is becoming more and more important to figure out ways to reuse things, or at least the material.

BioCups are made from plants and not oil, thus making them healthier for the environment. They can be recycled, but are often just dumped in a landfill. This infographic describes their creation and use around the world, and many of the largest companies that create them.

This infographic would be great for studying the process of degradation of various products that end up in our landfill. Take a BioCup, a solo cup and a plastic bag, and burry them in dirt. Burry several so that the process can be observed. Once a month, dig one up and post it on the wall. Watch how quickly each one degrades. Also research how it affects other plant and animal life. For instance, anything and everything that goes into the ground is used as nourishment for other local plants and animals. How many nutrients do you suppose each one has?


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