Economic costs of Obesity

More and more information is coming out about our growing obesity epidemic, and why it is unhealthy to be such. We all know it increases the risk of diabetes, heart problems, joint problems, and more, but how does it affect our wallet?

This is a great visual for students to think about when creating their next infographic. If it is about food, shape it into their food. If it is about cars, shape it into a car. I plan on doing a lot of info graphics, both on and off the computer (a lot can be done with construction paper and markers and a big, blank piece of wall). But the information is also interesting in this infographic.

The cost of obesity is great as far as medical bills, and other out of pocket costs… clothes, and other adaptations. But what about in to pocket, or lack their of. Those that weigh over 300 pounds (at one point), were considered handicapped. That may mean they get an income from the government, but compare that to an equally qualified, able bodied person who is at work. The infographic continues with other information about costs related to health.

I want you to share this information with your students, especially the top part. That because of obesity, people are missing out on income. It is said that the way to reach the top is to learn to play golf, or racquetball, or tennis… networking. An unhealthy, obese person is not able to do these things. They are not able to run around an office all day. There really is more than just a lot of fat beneath the surface on this issue.


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