Nuclear Weapons

For those who do not follow the news to closely, when one thinks of nuclear weapon possession, they usually think of the end of WW2, and the following three decades. At the end of WW2 nuclear weapons had been developed and released to end the war. For the next three decades the Cold War ensued, in which The United States and The Soviet Union, two financially powerful nations, played chicken with science. Luckily for the world, neither country actually released their weapons, and one country went bankrupt.

After this, America became entangled with war in the Middle East. And if one only understands the basics, nuclear weapons went by the wayside. There have been a few news flashes since in which the United Nations has tried to control the possession of nuclear weapons worldwide, but otherwise, there have been few nuclear weapons.

This infographic, however, shows how many nuclear weapons major countries are in possession of. It is eye opening how many nuclear weapons this country possesses. Explore the reasons why Amierca keeps possession of these. Also what they are, scientifically.


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