Country Codes of the World


This infographic is quite cool. It is common knowledge that the internet, at its most basic form, was created in the United States. The United Kingdom has health documentaries, the third world countries as well, the middle east and China are developing weaponry, and Japan has handheld forms of communication. These are all stereotypes thought up in a few minutes, but what it is not common knowledge, or common thought, is that all of these countries share all of these technologies and are developing each of them.
This infographic centers on the fact that each country not only had internet, and I’m sure is developing it in new ways, but has it’s own part of the internet. Like a country has a code to be used when dialing long distance, it also has a code for URLs to show where the website originated. Encourage your students to explore sites from different countries and explore the differences and similarities, and why there are differences and similarities. The cultural and historical reasons for information to be portrayed in different ways. And most importantly, this is one more way for students to connect with other countries, showing them that each country is different, but also very similar.


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