Bird migration patterns mapped


This infographic video shows the migration patterns of birds through observations of it’s users. This infographic is both very interesting, and is a great way to show various forms of information. By using this method, students can show various information they may study.
First of all, this infographic shows the great expanse birds travel during their migratory season. Bird migration is something that is seen yearly through geese. Every fall and spring the geese invade with their early morning honks, attacking golfers and dirtying sidewalks around bodies of water. But it is not commonly known the extent that birds travel. When I looked at it, I couldn’t believe that a single species of bird will travel throughout an entire third or even half of the country, rather than all the species traveling directly north and south.
As well as learning about birds, students can use this infographic as an idea on how to create infographics. Upon seeing the videos and thinking of ways I may use it, I thought about my own high school and what the hallways probably looked like between classes as portrayed by such an infographic. Using security videos taped by the school, students may count the number of students in a given hallway at every point during the school day. This may tell students and teachers many things, including what areas to avoid just after or just before the bells rings, when students are most likely to be needing to “use the restroom,” and other such questions.
Website: Ebird



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