Revealing the Energy Consumption of Each Building in New York


Today’s infographic was found on information aesthetics and details the energy consumption of buildings in NYC. First, I would like to see some of these really cool infographics portray more than just NYC. But with so many innovators living here, it is understood why this city is so often portrayed.
Moving on. This is a very interesting infographic that shows detailed information about a highly populated, and very expensive city. It costs a lot to live here, and thus people usually have a lot of money to spend. In an economics project, it would be interesting to compare the costs of rent and utilities, and the cost of milk, and even gas. Try to make a contact in NYC.
Also, try to find out the average amount of electricity used in a month, the average add-ons to a cable bill, and the average amount of milk purchased in a month. Compare this to your current city. A way to do this may be to partner with a school in NYC. Ask the students to ask their parents this information. Try to find a school with a similar demographic. If you are a low income school, try to find a similar school. If you are a private school, try to find another private school.
Finally, follow this up with a brainstorming session on energy conservation. Try to find solutions for every income level. Also solutions for different home types. Some in a rural, farming community have different resources available than someone living on the 22nd floor of a small apartment with only a sliding door, and may be different than someone living in a penthouse with unlimited income.

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